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You are in the right place to participate in an insightful consumer survey on product innovation, where winners are picked by consumer across the nation. Entry only takes a couple of minutes. Please be sure to download the full Terms & Conditions and read the details below.

What Do You Need to Enter?

  1. Product Description. You will need to enter a paragraph of no more than 300-350 words describing your product and its innovative features. Feel free to contact us for sample descriptions from past winners.
  2. Authorisation. Please make sure you have authorisation to enter on behalf of the brand.

What Happens After You Enter?

You will receive an email from us confirming your entry was successful. The email will contain further instructions on providing Product descriptors & Product pack shots (please contact us for non-FMCG products).

The Rules

You are about to join a prestigious roster of brands that regularly compete for the coveted Product of the Year award. But we want to make sure this is the right thing for you and you are the right person to do this. Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions in full. Below are the three key things you should know:

  1. If your product is voted a winner in its category, your total cost will be Rs. 10 lacs + GST for the usage of POY logo for one year. If the winner opts to extend the use of the logo for the second year, an additional fee of Rs. 8 lacs + GST will be applicable. Please see the chart below for a full breakdown of the costs. All entrants, regardless of the outcome, will receive the full report on their category from Nielsen.
  2. Products cannot opt-out once submitted. Due to the nature of the study, doing so may jeopardise the other products or even a whole category.
  3. The Entry Form is an electronic contract. By submitting the online entry form you commit to the entire process and cannot withdraw at any stage.
  4. Most importantly, the Winner Fee of Rs. 10 lacs + GST is mandatory whether winning brands use the POY seal or not. This fee has to be paid within 15 days of receiving the Invoice.

What Does it Cost?

Product of the Year is great value for any product innovation as it increases sales.

Entry Fee Rs. 1,25,000 + GST
Winner Fee Rs. 10,00,000 + GST (for use of logo for one year)
  Rs. 8,00,000 + GST (Additional fee for extending the use of the logo for the second year)

Please click here to download the full Terms & Conditions.


Please feel free to contact us at mahesh@productoftheyear.in if you have any questions about the entry form.

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