Testimonials – Indian Winners

  • When you win a Product of the Year Award, you know that the consumer is endorsing your product. It’s super important, it’s essentially the most important thing.

    Satyaki Ghosh, Marketing Director, L’Oreal

  • We had won the POY award for our Nutralite with Omega 3. It has had a fantastic effect on sales and has impacted momentum and has done a great job of strengthening the equity of the business.

    Elkana Ezekiel – Managing Director, Zydus Wellness

  • We have used the POY seal on our packs and that has given us a boost in gaining market share. It has been a wonderful experience. Consumer recognizing our innovation is a privilege.

    Ram Mehrotra – VP, Marketing & Sales, Kansai Nerolac

  • Given the plethora of choices that consumers have today, recognition from consumers through a test of the vote is one of the greatest achievements that a brand can get. Product of the Year is one such recognition that Henko can show as a differentiation.

    M. R. Jyothy – Director, Jyothy Laboratories

  • It is a great testimony because it is a poll that is done across consumer segments and that is what finally matters as far as any brand or product goes.

    Rajiv Rajgopal – Director, Decorative Paints, Akzo Nobel India

A few quotes from POY winners and retailers in the US and Europe.

  • “By giving shoppers the confidence to try a product for the first time, the Product of the Year stamp makes their life easier and helps both brands and retailers”

    Colin Watts, Chief Innovation Officer, Walgreens (2010 Jury Chair)

  • “The POY seal has significantly helped us increase distribution”

    Ed Uebele, Marketing Director, MARS Petcare (2010 US Winner)

  • “In the first 3-6 months after winning POY we got 40 Million media impressions and got Target to carry a third SKU of the product”

    Associate Brand Manager, MARS Petcare (2010 US Winner)

  • “Being voted Product of the Year helped us tremendously in getting unprecedented attention and coverage from media in the beauty industry.”

    Natalie Banks  Marketing Director, Wella (2009 US Winner)

  • “It’s a win all round for us and our customers. Being voted a winner by 60,000 consumers and then being able to put that message on the shelf gives us great credibility.”

    Neil Shah  Brand Manager, SC Johnson Aircare (2010 US Winner)

  • “Being a Product of the Year winner in our category is very important because it helps the shopper make a quick decision. When they see our shelf talker among 100 products in the pet food aisle they can quickly identify that only one was named ‘Product of the Year’ “

    Mike San Clemente Associate Brand Manager, MARS Petcare (2010 US Winner)

  • “The Product of the Year Symbol is going to help us differentiate from the hundreds other home cleaning products. The endorsement from 60,000 people is huge for us and will help us increase the believability of our promise.”

    David Miller Brand Manager, Pledge – SC Johnson (2010 US Winner)

  • “Our supermarkets have 45,000 products. The average American shopper spends only 22 minutes in the supermarket. They are looking for symbols that can really give them a safety net, something that their peers have said: ‘This is a good product.’ It’s all about social networking. Product of the Year is something you can trust and products that you want to buy.”

    Phil Lempert, The Supermarket Guru® and Consumer Expert

  • “Most shoppers are unaware that upon entering a store they are presented with some 50,000 items. About 25,000 of those may constitute 5% the store’s sales. For brands, Product of the Year is a huge benefit to getting out of that long tail and rising to the top”

    Herb Sorensen TNS Scientific Advisor, Shopper

  • “The fact that we think that we have great products and consumers have validated that for us, makes it that much more special.” The television ads, the print ads, the point of sale, the way we that we can take that and translate it into the things we do every day are very important parts of what we will do with this award.”

    Director, Corporate Communications, Dr Pepper Snapple Group (2009 US Winner)

  • “There’s no better compliment than one that comes directly from consumers themselves. The American consumer has always been the number one factor driving our product innovations and this distinction reinforces that we are on the right track.”

    Brand Manager, PUR Procter & Gamble (2009 US Winner)

  • “It is really helpful for consumers particularly in today’s economy and environment to have help in navigating so many of the different products that are out there.”

    Group Product Director, Zyrtec (2009 US Winner)

  • “Consumers have a lot of options and we’re dedicated to bringing them the best. The Product of the Year seal on our packaging is a testament to this. It helps shoppers make an educated decision about a product they’ll use for years.”

    Marketing Director SwimWays Corp.

  • “Product of the Year is a very strong endorsement for any product. We are extremely proud that Always Ultra was awarded Product of the Year in 2005 and have used the endorsement in TV copy, In-store POS, Direct Mail and Packaging.”

    Always Ultra Brand Manager, Procter and Gamble (UK)

  • “Our sales have increased 60% when the packaging showed the logo Voted Product Of The Year.”

    Bourgeois Makeup, Marketing Manager (UK)

  • “The sales of our new product line Giovanni Panzani increased 10 to 20 % depending on the product when we used the logo Voted Product Of The Year.”

    Panzani Marketing Manager (Italy)

  • “The logo has been an important factor in the 15% sales increase of the new range of toothpastes.”

    Colgate Toothpastes, Group Manager (France)

  • “Because they have been voted Product of the Year, these products will always be placed on the shelves where they can be seen at first sight, we will never place them too high or too low.”

    Europe Carrefour [French retailer], Marketing Manager