You have successfully entered your product(s) into the Product of the Year 2024 survey.

Next Steps

Please send us the following at your earliest convenience:

1. Product Descriptor: This is the concept note that will be part of the response-stimulus in the survey and will be read by the respondents. This information should be crisp and presented in a manner that is easy for the respondent to understand and should be the innovation/reason because of which the shopper will prefer your product. This information should not be more 300-350 words.

2. Three Attributes: The above descriptor to be divided into 3 bullet points separately (one line per attribute, maximum)– as the 3 key or main points (culled out from the detailed descriptor above) from which we will ask the respondent to choose what appealed to them most about the selected product.The Three Attributes should follow the Product Descriptor and should be sent in a Word file.

3. Hi-Res Images: Please send us at least 3-4 hi-res images of the packshots in ai & jpeg format. These images will accompany the Product Descriptor in the response-stimulus in the survey. For non-FMCG brands, hi-res brand & product logo will suffice.

4. Entry Fees: Please send us the GST details required to send you the Entry Fee invoice. Additionally, please debrief us on the payment process followed by your company and the documents required from our end.

1) Please note that with this nomination you are committed to the entire process and cannot withdraw at any point.
2) If you win the Product of the Year title, the Winner fee becomes payable whether you use the title or not.
3) The Invoice for the nominated product will be sent to you shortly and the payment needs to be cleared immediately.


For any queries, please contact:
Mahesh Gupta
General Manager – Marketing & Sales
Product of the Year India Pvt. Ltd.